The issue and the incorporation of design in a project are larger than a simple aesthetics aspect.
Design is a creative activity that aims to meet needs through uses. Its goal : tell stories. This profession reach a large panel of fields like architecture, object, digital and graphic.

To design, it is important to adopt an empathetic and open-minded attitude. The designer define himself like an « expert in all and nothing ». The design follows a methodology. The creativity is feeded by this enquiry.

This approach is multidisciplinary. In increasing the scope of the search beyond the first visual aspect, this practice highlight unexpected issues and opportunities. This process allows to work on complexity in his globality.

Hugo focus on words to create. Their are the supports of our world and our imagination. His goal is to draw ergonomic and poetic objects. Their deepest intentions, to propose a break.

The designer draw and design objects that animated society and people, in resume, he created : a purpose



Each project is different, so it is important to
watch around us  : to observe, read, and
collect datas and then analyse them to create
the needed insights for the creation.



Once the project is contextualized, we transforme
the collected datas in concrete ideas

A work on formalisation and the uses is set up.
The ideas become real.



After we have choose the final design, we work in closer collaboration with the manufacturer to produce, and ajust
the process of fabrication.
It's the time when we give life of the project.